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We provide Waterproofing and Heat proofing services in Pakistan for the commercial, residential and industrial sector. With over 3 years of experience in the market, LAKHWA CHEMICAL SERVICE delivers the best solutions which not only give results but also proves to be economical. Below are our services which we provide all across Pakistan. Waterproofing services in Pakistan Roof waterproofingFoundation waterproofingBasement waterproofingG.I Sheet and steel corrugated sheets waterproofingOver and underground water tank waterproofingBathroom waterproofingBathroom leakage waterproofingDampness on wall treatmentExpansion joint treatment Heat proofing services in Pakistan Roof Heat proofingWall heat proofing Heat insulation in Pakistan Roof heat insulationWall heat insulation Contact details:Name: Lakhwa Chemical ServicesAddress: Office No 105 Unity Corner, Abul Hassan Isphahani Road, KarachiPhone: +92-315-2220060Email:  info@waterproofing.pkp

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